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Beginner Course

Assault rifle experience

OUR Mission

Our mission at Sure Shot is to increase the knowledge of firearms and deliver outstanding education with an emphasis on safety to all whom desire to learn. In doing this we hope to promote a society of safe firearm users.


We strive to deliver every individual extraordinary services by knowledgable professionals. We work towards educating others in understanding and recognizing the cause, effects and impact of firearms. our primary goal is to educate and train responsible armed citizens in a safe environment on the proper use and care of personal firearms. 


Tim Thomas serves as the core instructor for Sure Shot Shooting courses. Tim served 22 years in the United States Arny before retiring formally from duty. He then continued to serve through civil service for 17 years. He is a Columbus Georgia native who is well traveled within and outside of our country. 

Shooting has always been Tim's passion. He begun sharpening his shooting skills in his early high school years. 

A Message From Tim Thomas:

"It is my goal and pleasure to share what I've learned about firearms with those who want to learn. My mission is to make shooting safe and fun for everyone.

-See You On The Range"

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